Sharing Our Passions Expressed

A company that works for all of "Us", Universal One Publishers is a publisher, distributor and promoter, accepting submissions of all passionate works.   Located in Lyons, Colorado, their focus is on the writings, music and art that is manifested by All True passions.  In addition, the company is dedicated to "sharing" these works, without all of the complication and expense.

Founded on the glorious ideals of love, faith, honesty, integrity and Oneness, inspiring authors to see their own beauty is one of the reasons the company exists.   Being published inspires many people to feel "more worthy".  Upon realizing this, the "artists" often find greater strength within to "see" that their loving passions can create unlimited joy and happiness in their life and in others they touch.

The company believes that anyone who chooses to take the time to share their passionate loving expressions, can have their manifested "works" published.

If you would like to learn more about the company, please contact "Us"   at

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