Your underlying message speaks to the theme of peace, which is the
primary goal of the Organization as set out in the Charter.  The
emotions reflected in what you write cannot fail to affect anyone
concerned with world peace.

Dawn Johnston-Britton, Office of the United Nations

I acknowledge Poetry of the Angels III and express my appreciation of
the sentiments contained therein.

H.H. Pope John Paul II, The Vatican


I enjoyed reading Poetry of the Angels. Many of the thoughts
  are reflective of things that Jesus expressed. There are many gems
  throughout this beautiful poetry.  

Joseph F. Girzone, author of the
  Joshua series, Never Alone and a Portrait of Jesus.

  Eric opens his heart and reflects the beauty and grace of life &
  love. True poetry is an oracle to truth itself. Open to any page and
find  yourself.

Christopher Love, author of The Secret Teachings
  of Not Knowing, The Mystery Ahead and The Sacred Path of Awakening.

  I read it all and liked it. It covered all aspects of life.
  Anyone who reads it will find wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

Yogi  Shanti Swaroop, Shri Raghavendra Universal Peace Foundation.

  I just finished reading Poetry of the Angels III, a remarkable book
  of poems penned by Eric Brodsky that left a profound feeling in my
heart and soul. What a brilliant teaching device...what a gifted writer.

  Dr. Caroline "Isis" Fuqua, author of Mastering The Game of Life and
  Say Yes To The Goddess.

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