Angels speak in simple, yet beautifully poetic words, and Eric Brodsky is
listening.  He has penned many of heaven's truths in 'Poetry of the Angels,'
to open reader's hearts to the music of Divine love.

Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., author of "Divine Guidance" and "Angel Therapy" 

Eric Brodsky has captured the essence of spirituality in this
wonderful inspirational book of poetry.  His simple beautiful words will
resonate in your heart and soul.

Nick Bunick, the subject of the best selling book, The Messengers

Sometimes we all need to focus; anyone who reads the table of contents of
"Poetry of the Angels" knows Eric has covered the bases.  I use this book and
I hope you do the same.

Dannion Brinkley, author of Saved By the Light

What a wonderful collection of reminders, of anchors for our wandering
lives. A treasure chest of inspiring thoughts that I know many dear folks
will cherish and share. Congratulations on sending such heart felt thoughts
into the cosmos.

Tony O'Connor, Multi-platinum, award winning composer/musician

Eric's book, "Poetry of the Angels", reads like a poetic prayer, taking
the reader on a flight to incredible in-sights.

Marelin The Magician, author of Merlin's Message

The poetry is inspiring and insightful.  It sheds light on dark days, raises the
eyes above the storm, and brings vision that pierces illusion and reveals the
perfection underlying all things.  It is definitely worth reading again and

Almine Barton, Founder/Director, Spiritual Journeys

"He is an Angel" we say, linguistic shorthand for "He lives and acts with
integrity from clear connection to angelic guidance."

We are accustomed to receiving profound spiritual insights from erudite
volumes penned by the oldest and wisest  among us.  What a startling
contrast, then, to behold the boyish face and disarming smile of the young
founder of "Universal One."  That was my reaction from working with Eric at
the Atlanta Whole Life Expo.

Now, on reading the poetry Eric has brought to the world, I can only say
"But, of course."  Here are penetrating truths worthy of an ascended master
expressed in rhymes you will read aloud to school age youngsters and stick on
your refrigerator.  MY angel says: "Read this book!"

Jesse Christopher, Musician, Calling On The Wing

  I am 85 years old, and I have read many books in my life.
  This is the best book I have ever read... it tells it like it is.

"The Rock Man" (Oscar Robertson), The Rock Shop & Staurolite Minerals & Mines

I must say that I am very impressed.  I have carefully read the verses several times,
and my how those words ring true within my heart and soul and spirit and
my mind too confirms it.

"Darshana", Pioneer in establishing and teaching Vibrational Energy Systems

There is a brilliant self coming through all  you do.
When reading "Poetry of the Angels" feel the invocation of the author's true
self invoking your true self to the greater realization of who you are.
Sense the author's conscious awareness invoking you towards the true and
brilliant you!

Deborah Tighe, Dreams & Manifestations

What a wonderful sampling of poems. I just go back and back and back.
What can I say?  Why does this not surprise me?  The essences of your angelic
nature is captured in this incredible sampling of simple truths. You have inspired, you
have touched and you have warmed my heart once again. I love you for that
and I send you the bigggest bestest hug ever.

Lynn Maurine, President, Travel For The Soul

Absorbing, appealing, arresting, captivating, charming,
engaging, entrancing, insightful, intriguing and provocative!

Peter Beamish, Ceta-Research

Well Eric, you took me where you wanted me to go with
your words swords and thank Goddess you brought me back,
always with Love.  Your words are nice awareness
catapaults... grin... smile.

William Francis Schive, Good Works On Earth

"Poetry of the Angels" is an incredible experience for the soul opening up to
the inner truth and wisdom within us all.  It provides a joyful healing for the heart,
mind, and spirit to bask in.

Victoria Liljenquist, Victoria's Light

Poetry of the Angels is truly one those handy little books that is held near
to the Heart to remind us of our own Angelic Divine Self.

Dr. Carol Rothman, Chiropractic Associates

With simple clarity "Poetry of the Angels" speaks beautifully
of spirit and abundant love.  Take these words into your heart
and be fed."

Francene Hart, Visionary Artist


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